Docs365 Gbooks

Docs365 Gbooks


Gbook - a new kind of eBook

Docs365 enables you to quickly generate a new kind of ebook based on a new web-based format (Gbook) and viewer (Docs365 Reader).

The Gbook format is purely based on web standards such as JSON and HTML5 and the viewer itself is a Single Application Page (SAP).

Gbooks are preferably hosted on your Google Drive as a public folder, however you can decided to host on the web server of your choice.

Readers of your Gbooks can add public comments as well as rate each page. As an author, you can reject or approve each comment. The WWF analysis dashboard provides you with all sorts of analysis, for example, most viewed page, pages never viewed, search words not found etc.

If you sign-in with your Google credentials, the Gbook UE allows you to quickly open the source documents behind the ebook pages as well as approve or reject new comments.

A (really trivial) sample Gbook can be found here.

Read more about Docs365 here and the the Google Doc integration here.