Docs365 FormsX

Docs365 FormsX

Improving online forms and quiz authoring!

An add-on for Google Forms™

Spreadsheet-backed quiz and form templates

FormsX allows you to store often used questions in template files in the form of Google Sheets™ spreadsheets. This allows you to create and edit templates outside the Google Forms™ editor.

You can use both complete Quiz or Form templates as well as templates for individual questions.

FormsX comes with a set of predefined question templates for often used questions but you can create your own library of templates. You can even create shared templates, for item that people in your team often use.

The use of spreadsheets for the templates allows you to get a better overview of all questions in a template and makes it very easy to add and remove options from more complex question types such as Multiple Choice Grids.

The FormsX UI allows you to select any subset of the form items and with a single click create a question template file.

There is also UI allowing you to quickly create multiple choice questions by simply pasting the choices into a text field.


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