Docs365 ChromeX

Docs365 ChromeX

A Google Chrome™ extension

This Chrome extension adds one popup menu and two context menu items to all web pages in Chrome.

The purpose of this extension is to allow you to:

- quickly save selected text to your Gdrive

- quickly save selected images to your Gdrive

- quickly re-open recently viewed Drive documents

- quickly insert saved data into Google Docs™

Chrome context menu options

"Save to my Gdrive" - this option will save the selected text or the selected image to your Gdrive. If the case of an image, the image data is copied from the source image to a new Gdrive file.

"Email me the selection" - this option will email you the selected text or a link to the selected image.

The popup

The popup has four sections.

- Recent documents. Shows you a list of the Google Drive documents you most recently viewed. Open any of them with a single click.

- Saved snippets. Lists the saved text snippets you most recently saved with the menu option mentioned above

- Docs365 ChromeX. Has an option to send us feedback on the extension as well as an option to open your Gdrive in a new tab.

- Docs365 Apps. Lists all available Docs365 apps, add-ons and extensions.

Companion web app

The extension has a companion web app chromemenu.aspx. This app opens when you select any of the two menu options, and is responsible for the actual saving and emailing, and for this to work, the app will prompt you to grant Docs365 access to your Gdrive via a Google sign-in.

Google Docs™ integration

Docs365 provides add-ons for Google Docs™ and Google Slides™ that allows you to quickly insert any of the saved selection data.


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