Awesome authoring!


Google Docs + advanced authoring
Quickly design beautiful "springy" network graphs - even animated ones
Design striking (animated) "text wave" headlines for our Google Slides presentations
Analyze your content with the Google AutoML Natural Language service
Analyze your Google Docs with Amazon Comprehend, a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text.
Create and manage Amazon Comprehend document classifiers from within Google Sheets. Use your own custom classifiers within Google Docs using the add-on above.
A web app making it "trivial" to create, manage and use your own customAmazon Comprehend document classifiers. Use your custom classifiers within Google Docs using the Docs add-on above.
Create "morphing" photo-GIFs for two or more (Google) photos.
Better template for Google Docs - create your own using various types of variables.
Turn any photo into a (moving) slide background. Use grayscale and other effects to make photo less intruding as a background.
Add eye-catching text art to your Slides and Docs - have fun with animated text. Use curved text, inner shadows, water effects, pattern and gradient filled text and much much more.
An add-on for Google Docs™ - create "itty bitty sites" - sites that are contained entirely within their own links
Quickly design and print labels from data in Google Sheets as well as other sources!
Use this Google Sheets add-on to generate keywords for your next ad campaign
Create amazing diagrams such as org charts!
An add-on for Google Docs™ making it really easy to create nicely formatted tables from CSV, Google Sheets™ pasted data and other sources
Design and print QR/bar-codes
Print QR/bar-codes from within Google Sheets
Create animated selfie GIFs from within Google Slides and Google Docs
Create amazing animated GIFs! with this Google Drive integrated app
Create ANIMATED charts with this Google Drive integrated web app
Quickly create Google Slides™ presentations from Google Sheets spreadsheet data
Use Google Docs to quickly create Google Slides™ presentations
Design gradient backgrounds for your Google Slides™
Design eye-catching pattern backgrounds for your Google Slides™
Design ANIMATED slide backgrounds (GIFs) for your Google Slides™
Create and insert cool animated TICKER images (GIFs) within Google Slides™ or Google Docs™
Create cool ANIMATED charts from within Google Sheets™
Swiftly annotate images in your documents and presentations
Annotate your Gdrive images!
Visualize word frequencies using tree maps, packed circles or clouds!
Visualize word frequencies in your Google Docs using tree maps, packed circles or clouds from
Create amazing word clouds from within Docs or Sheets!
Create stunning drawings using standard SVG!
Mail-merge with Google Docs™ and Sheets™
Enhancing online spreadsheets
Enhancing online presentations
Enhancing online quiz and form authoring
Use unicode symbols in Google Docs™ with ease
Swiftly insert Unicode accent characters into your Google Docs™ and Google Slides™.
Author markdown with Google Docs
Online markdown editor and previewer
Yet another lorem ipsum text generator
Online WYSIWYG and schema-driven HTML and CSS authoring
Online WYSIWYG and schema-driven DITA authoring