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The future of cloud-based content management, authoring and publishing

These are a just few of the use cases for Docs365!

Cloud/web-based content management solution including an alternative to FrameMaker and MS Word

Docs365 is a new cloud-based approach to content management, content authoring and content publishing. Docs365 is an Integrated Authoring Environment (IAE) that runs in your favorite browser and stores your content securely in the cloud. Docs365 is based on Google Drive and Google Docs, giving you both free revision history ("source control"), document reviewing, as well as multi-user authoring, even within the same document.

multi-user authoring

revision history

document reviewing

Docs365 can be used either on individual documents or on projects containing any number of smaller documents (topics). Documents and projects can be "compiled" into different kinds of "output", for example, a 100-topic project can with with click of a button be converted to a long PDF document or an ebook.

supports individual documents as well as multi-topic projects

Docs365 consist of six main parts, 1) The Docs365 Studio web app, 2) the Docs365 Draw drawing editor, 3) the Docs365 Web page and CSS document editors, 4) the Docs365 DITA document editor, 5) the Docs365 content management system and 6) the Docs365 Add-on to Google Docs. The add-on provides a “sidebar” with a number of useful tools, such as inserting a “variable”, applying a stylesheet and more. The web app is a highly interactive web app for editing stylesheets, defining targets, creating sets of variables as well as managing projects and compiling output. The web app is designed as a Single Page Application (SAP) to mimimize server traffic and maximize quality of the user experience, in other words, to make it as pleasent as possible to use, avoiding slow "page loads".

cloud storage

Google Docs Add-on

browser-based drawing (SVG) editor

browser-based DITA editor

browser-based HTML (web page) and CSS editors

interactive web app

compiler backend

Add-on menu

The Add-on menu in Google Docs


The Sidebar in Google Docs

All your content is stored securly in your personal Google Drive account. Even the Docs365 projects and support files are stored in your drive.

all content securly stored in your Google Drive

Shared stylesheets are powerful tools to keep all the Google documents in sync. Stylesheets can be used in three ways. It allows you to quickly make all your documents look the same, just open a document and apply the stylesheet in question. Secondly it enables you to use true custom styles in Google Docs, e.g. you can add new custom styles such as "Address" and "CompanyLogo". And thirdly you can use it to fine tune how your docs are converted to other formats such as HTML and PDF.

shared stylesheets

keep all the documents in sync

three different usages

Targets specify how a source document or a set of source documents should be compiled into a new Google document or into something completly different such as an eBook. Targets allow for "single sourcing" - you can use the same set of source documents and produce different kind of output or produce the same kind of output but with certain changes.

multiple types of targets

supports "single sourcing"

Docs365 has built-in link management. For each document you can quickly see which other documents links to the document and for each project you can quikly see where you have broken links. The system also alerts you if a writer introduces a new broken link.

hyperlink management

Docs365 has built-in content analysis. For each account, for each project or for each document you can quickly get data such as list of broken links, list of broken variables and list of broken style references.

content analysis = broken links, broken style references, broken variables, unused variables, unlinked documents and much more

The target compiler supports "masterpages". A masterpage tells how each source document is to be converted, for example by adding a header or a footer.

masterpages control document conversion

Docs365 supports variables within your Google documents. You can include text that frequently changes and appears often in your documents as variables. Variables are also useful for providing information that is updated automatically, such as the current date. Variables are also very useful when single sourcing (using the same source document to generate different versions of a document) - you can quickly setup different Targets with different values for a certain variable such as "company name".

full support for variables

Conditional text is another feature of Docs365 that enables single sourcing. With conditional text you can for example include certain content when generating a PDF and include some other content (or exclude) when generating an eBook.

support for conditional text

Gbooks - With Docs365 you can quickly generate a new kind of ebook based on a new web-based format (Gbook) and viewer (Docs365 Reader). The Gbook format is purely based on JSON and HTML5 and the viewer itself is a Single Application Page (SAP). Gbooks are preferably hosted on your Google Drive as a public folder, however you can decided to host on the web server of your choice. Readers of your Gbooks can add public comments as well as rate each page. As an author, you can reject or approve each comment. The Docs365 analysis dashboard provides you with all sorts of analysis, for example, most viewed page, pages never viewed, search words not found etc. If you sign-in with your Google credentials, the gbook UE allows you to quickly open the source documents behind the ebook pages as well as approve or reject new comments.

Gbooks - a new kind of ebook


The Docs365 solution comes with a new approach to cloud-based drawing - Docs365 Draw - a tool designed to make it easy to annotate website screenshots and pictures.

Docs365 Draw

Docs365 Draw

You can author either in Google Docs or if you are into standards, Docs365 comes with both an online solution for DITA authoring - Docs365 DITA, as well as an online HTML/CSS web page editor - Docs365 Web.

Docs365 DITA

Docs365 DITA

Docs365 Web

Docs365 Web


Checkout Claire's YouTube channel for short videos highlighting features of Docs365.



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